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About 1-800-Dateline


What Exactly is 1-800-Dateline All About?

Simply put, 1-800-Dateline is the nucleus of excitement and unpredictability. Every member is here to make an impact on somebody else in the hope of striking up a genuine or long-lasting connection. That can either be on a platonic or on a flirty/romantic basis. We have been on the online dating circuit since 1990 and have become one of the largest chat line company in North America.

We have seen dramatic twists and turns in the dating world, recognizing the trends and acting upon them to remain the go-to place to fulfil your deepest of desires. People aren’t meeting and dating the traditional way anymore, so we are here as a way of accomplishing what you might deem as difficult in the real world at first. We make dating easy!

Boundless potential, all within the palm of your hand through your phone.

Our Mission and Intentions

We have always been driven to give single people the platform to stand out and make their name and voice heard. Too many people feel as if they belong in the shadows, well we allow them to come out into the sunshine and excel in the comfort of their own home. What’s beautiful about this is that 1-800-Dateline is full to the brim of like-minded people who are just looking for that lucky break in their love life or social circle.

What Makes 1-800-Dateline Different from Other Companies?

Most online dating platforms require the use and storage of personal information, invasive application forms and the idea you’re selling your soul to the Devil for the sake of a bit of intimacy. That’s where we differ. We immediately give you all the tools required to have a successful dating experience. Minimal information required, privacy guaranteed at all times and you get to hear the most intimate part of another person immediately – their voice. Something that can be the difference between a one-off chat and a forever-after fairy-tale romance.

What Makes 1-800-Dateline Better?

Asides from the above, we give all of the power and control to our members. You decide who to talk for, what about, how long for and how personal and intimate you take the conversation. We are always waiting in the wings should something go wrong, and you need our assistance. The safety of our members will always be paramount.

Online dating should always be about control, empowerment, passion and convenience. We provide all of this and more. Whether you have a standard account or a paid membership, you are bound to find a level of enjoyment that you might not find with other online dating platforms.

Will Using 1-800-Dateline Be Rewarding for Me?

The beauty of using 1-800-Dateline is that the experiences you receive from using the platform is all down to you. If you want a positive experience, it is up to you to make it so. A happy member is one that has the freedom to express themselves in a safe environment. If they are able to seek out their deepest desires and fantasies in the comfort of their own home and find someone like-minded, we count that as mission accomplished in our eyes.

Women Using 1-800-Dateline

Women, rejoice. Using 1-800-Dateline will always be free for you. We sympathize that your experiences in online dating before now may not have been the most fulfilling, which is where we come in right on cue. Our different approach towards online dating may give you the lucky break you’ve been looking for. So, what are you waiting for? Get signed up and start talking to keen single men in your area or search as far and wide as you desire!

Introducing the Men!

Don’t worry, male members, we haven’t forgotten about you! You can give 1-800-Dateline a go for free to allow you to test the waters a little. If you like what you see and what you hear from other members, why not considering signing up? We have a range of affordable packages for you to choose from, depending on how committed you are to getting the most out of our service!

Have a look into signing up for a Free Trial today and take things from there!

Privacy is Paramount with 1-800-Dateline

What we uphold in the highest regard with every single one of our members is that they remain safe when using 1-800-Dateline. The whole point is to explore their sensuality, make friends, make connections and even more from the comfort of their own home. The only rules when it comes to messaging other like-minded people are the ones that you set yourself. There is nothing wrong with letting people know where they stand and what your intentions are. The power will always remain in your hands.

No matter what level of conversation you have, whether it be intimate, platonic, flirtatious or down-right steamy, be safe in the knowledge that your chats are 100% private.

Membership Perks

Obtaining a membership with 1-800-Dateline comes with a variety of benefits and perks. With your membership, you’re able to talk to like-minded single people and listen to everybody’s greetings without the annoyance of sponsored advertisements interrupting your experience. You can also save your greetings and hotlist your favorite singletons in case you wish to come back to them at another time.

If you feel like you may have missed out on your big chance to impress somebody because they were busy, fear not. We shall save your message and notify them when they are next online and don’t worry – we’ll do the same in return should somebody want your attention!

There is no point in waiting around for your lucky break to find you – it’s about time you stood up, dusted yourself off from your life as a single person and own that stage!

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    Call our friendly Customer Service toll-free at 1-800-777-1249.


    Call our friendly Customer Service toll-free at 1-800-777-1249. For your security, membership numbers are not provided by email.