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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re struggling to get the most out of 1-800-Dateline and would like an answer to any questions you may have. You can either find it here on our FAQ page or alternatively get in touch with one of our friendly customer service team who will be able to assist.

Take a look at some of the most common enquiries below to see if that gets you started in meeting new people!

What is 1-800-Dateline's Mission?

Our phonelines have been hot and active since back in 1990, allowing keen singles to meet in their local area for discreet fun and possibly more. There’s a serious reputation to uphold, being one of the biggest phone chat line in North America and it’s that achievement that drives us to deliver the best services to you. Whether it’s making friends, having private fun or finding the one, 1-800-Dateline are confident you will find what you’re looking for.

Who Uses 1-800-Dateline?

Simple – likeminded people like you! With 1-800-Dateline there are no room for robots or fake profiles, everybody involved in the service are human beings, right the way through to the staff and customer service teams. Real people, real fun, real love. That’s the way online dating should be!

Is There an Age Restriction?

Due to the nature of some of the conversations and the intentions some of our customers may have, all new and existing members have to be at least 18 years of age to use our service.

Am I Secure?

Unlike some other online dating companies who require certain information to get started, we will never ask you to provide personal information or intimate details about your life. We leave that up to you to divulge to the people you talk to in private, so the control is always in your hands.

So How Do I Get Started?

  1. Call your local 1-800-Dateline phone number, which you can find on our ‘Cities Covered’ page.
  2. Personalize your greeting using our Live Connector
  3. Whilst other people are listening to yours, feel free to listen to other member’s greetings to see who tickles your fancy!
  4. When you do find someone that catches your attention, send a message to get the conversation flowing.
  5. If you feel comfortable enough, take the next step and send/accept a connection request to take the conversation into a live, private chat.

Are People Paid to Talk to Me?

Absolutely not. As we’ve mentioned, every member using our service is a real person, so no employees or members of staff are hired to talk to you. Quite frankly, that would be cruel on you!

Is This Service Confidential?

Without a doubt! Privacy and confidentiality remain a huge part of what we do and offer. Therefore, any information a person has on you has come from you. If anonymity is what you’re going for, then you have every right to keep it that way.

Is A Free Trial Available?

Absolutely! If you are a first-time user, you can call your local 1-800-Dateline chat hotline number, select your preferred language and when you are asked for a membership number, simply press the ‘#’ key.

The automated system will then generate you a Free Chat trial, if you’re eligible. Once that is set up, call from the same phone number you used to set up the free trial to start chatting for free – for a limited time, of course.

Can I Use My Free Trial on Any Phone?

No, you can’t. Only the phone you have used to set up your Free Chat trial account with can be used.

Can I Get My Free Trial with Customer Services?

Unfortunately, no. The only way you can have a free trial issued is by ringing your local 1-800-Dateline chat hotline number. The automated operating system will then be able to generate your free trial.

My Free Trial Isn’t Working!

There may be a variety of reasons as to why your free trial may not be working for you. These include:

  • The number you’re using has already had a free trial issued before.
  • The system cannot read/identify your phone number. In this instance, you can dial *82 to display your phone number.
  • Your free trial has expired, in which case should you wish to continue using 1-800-Dateline, you will have to select one of our affordable packages.
  • Any free trials issued have to be activated and used within 7 days. If a free trial issued has been left unused after this period of time, it will expire.
  • You are attempting to use 1-800-Dateline long distance. In order to get the best service available, make sure you’re calling your local area’s number.

Why Can’t I Use My Free Trial After Using Your 1-800 Number?

If you’re encountering this problem, you can try looking up your local access number and get in touch with us using that avenue. However, it may be that we don’t provide local services in your area. Fear not though, you can give our Customer Service team a call and they will be more than happy to help you get connected!

What If I Am Ineligible for a Free Trial?

On the off chance you’re ineligible for a free trial, we can soften the blow with a great introductory package for new members at a low cost of just $9.99 – we’ll also double the minutes on your first purchase as well. How’s that for compromise!

How to Get Started?

Getting connected with 1-800-Dateline couldn’t be simpler! You could have a plethora of sexy, exciting singles to talk to on a day-to-day basis and you can join the party by following these instructions:

  1. It starts with a call! Dial your local 1-800-Dateline hotline number.
  2. Record your personalized greeting. This will be the introduction other callers will hear so make sure to make it witty and unique.
  3. Whilst other callers are tuning in to your greeting, you can listen to everybody else’s! If you hear something that catches your attention, send them a message. You’ll receive a message if they’re into you, too!
  4. If you find someone that you really like and the conversation is flowing like the Babylon, you can invite them to a private live chat. Don’t worry, these private chats are just that – just you and the other person can view your messages. In the background, people will still hear your greeting and have the ability to send you a line. You can view any messages left at the end of any live private chat you’re in!

What Can I/Can I Not Put in My Greeting Message?

The purpose of your greeting is to stand out, but there are rules to follow to ensure everybody feels welcomes and safe on 1-800-Dateline. Any greeting that is found to include details of illicit/illegal activities, racial/abusive language or threatening language will be removed and your account may be terminated.

I Received A Message I Really Like – What Do I Do?

After you’ve finished fanning yourself and jumping for joy, go ahead and exchange some messages! You may find out more interesting information about that person which can only enhance the connection! From there, you can go into a private chat where you can really let loose, should you wish!

Hot List – What’s It All About?

When you’re having a gander at the greeting messages and you hear one you really like, you can choose to add them to your ‘Hot List’. That way, when you come online, you will be sent a notification alongside their greeting message.

From there, you can private message them, or send a request for a live chat. If anyone on your Hot List comes online and you’re offline, you will still be sent a notification message to encourage you to come online and chat!

How Do I Make My Greeting Interesting/Effective?

They say that first impressions mean a lot in the dating world and here is no different. Your greeting is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd and be heard. With that in mind, don’t rush your message. Take your time and think carefully about what you want to say.

Talk about your passions, interests and what you’re looking for. Don’t talk nonsense, so it’s best attempting this sober! Afterwards, you can play your greeting back and if you don’t like it, you can simply re-record it at any time.

I Received A Message from Someone I’m Not Interested In – What Do I Do?

If you hear from someone who’s not your type, you can simply ignore it! However, if the communication is persistent you can block them by pressing ‘7’. Do you feel uncomfortable with somebody and feel like they are threatening you? You can have us review their greeting/messages by pressing ‘7’ again after blocking the individual.

Offline Messaging – What Does This Mean?

Offline messaging is where you can receive to other people’s greetings whilst they are on another call or have recently been online. Other callers can also do the same with your messages, too. Essentially, you can remain in communication with others even though they may not be online!

What is an Ice-Breaker and How Effective Are They?

Ice-breakers are really important to break the tension of the anticipated first conversation. With 1-800-Dateline, an ice-breaker is a pre-recorded message that you can send, if you feel like you’re not too confident to send a message of your own. Some callers may view it as sweet, some may prefer the confident approach! Either way, it’s a helping hand for those who may need it at first.

Is a Membership Required to Use This Service as a Woman?

Women can use 1-800-Dateline with or without a membership – but without a membership, you miss out on some exclusive perks such as offline messaging and hot-listing. One massive advantage is that women can join with a membership for absolutely nothing! Just sign up and away you go!

Are There Any Costs Involved?

Absolutely not. 1-800-Dateline will never ask women for any payment information when using the service. If you receive any correspondence asking for such, you can report it to one of our team.

Forgotten Your Membership Number/Passcode?

Not to worry at all! You can give our customer service team a quick call on 1-800-777-1249. For no other purpose but your security, we will ask you to confirm some personal information that you used to sign up with the service. Once they are confirmed, the agent you speak to will be happy to divulge the information you’re looking for.

Can A Paid Membership Be Used on Any Mobile Device?

Absolutely, a paid membership can be used on any mobile device you have, just sign in with your credentials when required.

Someone Has Asked Me for My Membership Number – Is This Normal?

No, it’s not. You should never give out any personal information in relation to your 1-800-Dateline membership. Nobody involved with the service will contact you whilst you’re active and online, so if you receive a message from somebody claiming to be from 1-800-Dateline, block them immediately by pressing the ‘7’ key and press ‘7’ again to report them to us for review.

Does My Membership Last Forever?

As long as you remain active and use the service, your membership will not expire. Any memberships that are left unused after a period of 3 months will be deleted and removed without refund. If you attempt to sign in after this 3-month period, you will be prompted to re-purchase a membership package.

How Do I Retrieve a Forgotten Membership Number/Passcode?

If you have lost or forgotten your membership number/passcode, you can give our friendly customer service team a ring on 1-800-777-1249. We insist on dealing with these enquiries over the phone rather than sending your details via email or post to protect your security. These methods of correspondence can be intercepted! You may be asked to confirm some personal details to verify your identity before releasing the relevant information.

Will I Know When Time is Being Deducted from My Membership?

When you begin listening to greetings and starting live chats, that’s when time begins to deduct from your membership. The time deducted is calculated on a per-minute basis, with the system informing you at all times when minutes are taken from your membership. Don’t worry, you won’t run out of time unexpectedly!

Am I Notified When My Balance is Low?

Every time you log on to 1-800-Dateline, you are given a reminder of your balance. After that, once your balance drops to under 20 minutes, you will be given the option of purchasing more time. Your final reminder will come when your balance reaches the two-minute mark.

What Are the Acceptable Payment Methods?

You can pay for your 1-800-Dateline membership by using a debit or credit card. To get full details of how to use these payment methods, head on over to our Payment Options page.

Will My Phone Bill Have Any Charges Listed?

Should you choose any of the payment methods listed above, charges will not appear on your phone bill. This service promotes discreet fun, and this is a great way to ensure your privacy.

How Can I Be Kept in the Loop with Offers and Events?

Simple and easy! You can either call the system hotline regularly to find out about special offers and promotions happening in your local area. If you wish to receive these offers and promotions via text message, you can inform a customer service team member of your opt in request.

What Will My Credit Card Statement Look Like?

This applies to whether you use a credit card or a debit card to purchase a membership package. All transactions will come under a discrete billing name. In this case, it will be ‘DATELINE’. With each listed transaction there is a phone number attached, which if rang goes through to our billing department. Under no circumstances do they reveal any information unless they are certain they are talking to the account holder.

Credit Card Statement - TELIGENCE

Can Checks/Cash Be Used Instead of Card?

You can use checks if that is your preferred payment method! You can do this over the phone and informing the agent you intend to use ‘Check-by-Phone’ to process the transaction. Cash payments can also be accepted by using Western Union. Unfortunately, we don’t accept postal payments.

How Safe Are My Card Details/Personal Information?

As safe as you’ll find this side of the equator! Since our inauguration in 1990, we have had the thumbs up from some of the biggest banks in North America, having their praise as evidence of how seriously we take your personal information. That’s why the utmost of delicacy and confidentiality is taken when handling your details.

How Do I Go About Creating a Web Account?

Creating a 1-800-Dateline Web Account could not be simpler! All you have to do is follow the following instructions:

  1. Click on the ‘Sign In’ button and then proceed to click ‘Sign Up’.
  2. Insert a valid email address in your name and create a password.
  3. Verify that you’re a human by passing the skill test in front of you.
  4. If all goes well, you should receive a confirmation email in your inbox. Be sure to also check your spam folders, just in case!
  5. There will be a hyperlink within the email, clicking this will verify your account. After this, simply enter your email address and your newly created password. You’re in!

Once these steps have been completed, you can link your Dateline Membership to your web account. This sign up process is free, and it allows you to add minutes, view any previous transactions and manage your communication preferences in terms of receiving messages about new features and offers!

Why Does Your Website Tell Me I Don’t Have an Account?

This can sometimes happen. If you receive this notification, try clicking on the ‘Forgot Email’ or ‘Forgot Password’ links displayed on the sign-in webpage. If after following these avenues the problem still persists, try creating a new Web Account and ensure you have clicked the activation link in the confirmation email. Remember, check your junk/spam folders if the email doesn’t arrive in your primary inbox.

Why Haven’t I Received A Purchase Confirmation Email?

To double check whether your purchase has been successful, check all of your email folders (inbox, junk, spam) to make sure the email definitely come through. If you can’t view the email, log in to your Web Account and view your ‘Purchase History’. Alternatively, you can give us a call and we’ll be able to confirm whether the purchase was indeed successful.

What Happens If I Don’t Receive a “Forgotten Password” Email?

Firstly, as mentioned in other solutions to earlier questions, check all of your email folders to verify whether the email has arrived or not. If it hasn’t landed, try adding [email protected] to your email contacts before requesting a new forgotten password email.

I’ve Forgotten My Web Account Password and Your Website Says My Account Doesn’t Exist. What Now?

The Web Account you create is associated to the email you use to sign up with 1-800-Dateline to start with. Make sure you’re using the same email when requesting any forgotten information. Also, bear in mind that any information you input is case-sensitive. If you have any issues, give our customer service team a call.

The Confirmation Email Link Doesn’t Work and Informs Me I Don’t Have an Account. How Do I Solve This?

The validation link in the confirmation email is only valid for 24 hours after it is sent. If you’re trying to activate your account after this period, you will have to request a new link. Remember, this only applies to your Web Account and is not related to your Membership with 1-800-Dateline.